dinsdag 6 september 2011

We're back!

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After all the festival stuff goin' on here in the summer we're proud to say that we are back with h00kers of House!
It's time to fire up those decks and get ready to rock in our one and only Kafee de Splinter - Venlo. Our guest of the night is DJ Uri whos style is in some ways familiar with ours. So that's party guaranteed ;-).

date: saturday september 17th
location: Kafee de Splinter - Venlo
time: 23.00 - 03.45
free entrance!


woensdag 22 juni 2011

In Dolby Digital - The un-official Stereo Sunday afterparty

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So once a year we have this free festival called Stereo Sunday in Venlo city. You know we have our monthly parties 'Hookers of House' in Kafee de Splinter and now we decided to spice things up.
What started as the idea of an xxxl edition of 'Hookers' became this afterparty. We think it's the perfect way to make use of the situation.

Instead of 1 area we have now two! With 9 dj's divded over those two areas you can choose between the more average house music or the raw sound of electro and dubstep.

So if you feel like dancin' or you just want to freak out, then get your ass to that party of ours! It will kick-ass!

date: july 2nd
place: Kafee de Splinter - Venlo
time: 23.45 till 03.45 hrs
entrance: free!

donderdag 28 april 2011

Leon's B-day Bash

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Well folks, this month no h00kers of House. Instead of HoH we play at Leon's B-day Bash (Leon is one of the guys from dial D for Deejays).

Expect mixed music styles along the night. Trance classics brought to you by Erick de Wit vs Jaycee, hardstyle by Bash vs Tom Benders. This all is wrapped up by us; dial D for Deejays.

More information in detail:

date: Saturday May 14th
location: Kafee de Splinter - Venlo
time: 22.30 till 04.00 hrs
lineup: dial D for Deejays, Jaycee, Erick de Wit, Bash & Tom Benders (and maaybe more!)
free entrance!


zondag 3 april 2011

April 23rd can't be here fast enough!

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Woohahh! After that banger of a party last month we're all pumped and excited to start with the next one! And yes, we have a date: it's on April 23rd. Same place, same time, a different guest-deejay ;-).

And this month's guest is Carlo Kopana. This guy has allready played on several parties, for example the Peteyfest in Lierop. He spins this nice funky house sound with influences from latin music. Doesn't this sound to be a great choice for the nice weather that is coming up??!! Thought so!

Okay, so to be clear:
h00kers of House, april 23rd.
Kafee de Splinter - Venlo
time: 23.00 till 03.45 hrs
free entrance!

Deejays: Carlo Kopana & dial D for Deejays

vrijdag 4 maart 2011

h00kers of House - March is here!

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Because of the 'Proud to be Fout' party in February we skipped one month of h00kers of House. But don't panic, we're here now for your monthly dose of the best house disco & electro music!

Our guest of the month is JayWire. He is inspired by artists like Deadmau5 and he will surely get you pumped with his electrosound!

The poster got a little makeover, it's a little bit different than the previous ones (it has now got some weird corner in it) but we think surely a cool one!

Come to Kafee de Splinter (Venlo city) on March 19th. The party starts at 23.00 till 03.45 hrs. Free entrance!

zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Practically forgot to tell you!

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Damn I practically forgot to tell you that the pictures of our last h00kers of House night are posted on our facebook page!

So search for us at facebook (and join us) so you'll be updated on a more regular basis than this blog!

maandag 10 januari 2011

Friday, January 21st 2011

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Whoozaa! It's that time of the month again! Get ready for a new edition of H00kers of House, fully packed with the best house, disco & electro music! Special guest of tonight is DJ Sjoza. His style can be best described as progressive house with a dirty flavour. Be sure you check him, and of course us; dial D for Deejays on January 21st in Kafee de Splinter - Venlo.

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