vrijdag 17 september 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

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Remember that Asset party (with the Las Vegas theme)? We've recorded our set, so you can enjoy it too!
Let us know what you think about it!


Viva Las Vegas by ruudhoefnagels

donderdag 16 september 2010

Something different!

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So, at our h00kers of House party (which was really nice btw) I spoke to some Russian dude. He didn't like the dubstep though and would like to hear something more trancy. That's why I'm posting this one now.
Besides house, disco and electro I play trance music under a different alias which is called 'Results May Vary'.

I have some other, older mixes too if you like this one. Just let my know, and I will put those online too!

Results May Vary - Promo mix June-2010 by Results may vary

His Majesty Andre

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I was checking out His Majesty Andre's and I saw he uploaded some new cool tunes!
He did a nice remix from Voodoo Chilli's 'Love song' and I liked his remix from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. That one is a little bit more poppy than you might be used to from him.

Check them all out and show your respect!

Oh, before I forget. I posted some tracks from his last EP too, because that one was really cool :-D.

Voodoo Chilli - Love Song (His Majesty Andre Remix) by hismajestyandre

Get cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Collapsing cities (His Majesty Andre Remix) - Preview only by hismajestyandre

His Majesty Andre - Cyprus - Preview only by hismajestyandre

His Majesty Andre - Getaways - Preview only by hismajestyandre

His Majesty Andre - Nightflight - Preview only by hismajestyandre

dinsdag 7 september 2010

Valtifest 2010: Partyreport

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Last weekend I went down to Valtifest in Amsterdam. It's one of my annual 'can't-miss-out-on-it' party's.
Valtifest is always full of creativity and fun/interesting people to watch. This year wasn't any different. Just watch the little partyreport from NLtracks. Unfortunately it's completely in Dutch, but it'll sure give you an impression of what Valtifest is like.
Before you start thinking "what's with the goofy outfits?" This year's edition was themed: It's a religion.

Machinedrum - Many Faces EP

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Time to post something else! I had this one on my computer for about a week or so, but it took some time to grow on me. I really like the dreamy vibe on some of the tracks on this EP (Mean Mean is just awesome!). Overall the EP is nothing you can describe in one word. It has just too many different elements in it. I posted three of the 7 tracks from this pearl. Check 'em below and support the artist!

Machinedrum - Mean Mean by blogtracks

Machinedrum - Sakatak by spacehappens

Machinedrum - "Carry The Weight" by Some Kind of Awesome