vrijdag 26 maart 2010

Some Random Tracks

Hola signoritas y signoras!

'Bout time we posted something again...
So we'll plug you some of our favourite tracks at the moment.

First up, Dada Life's Remix of Symphonies, it's pure excitement and I'm sure any club will go off the wall when this one is played!

Second, is quite a unique but kinda weird South African group. They're called 'die antwoord' which means the answer in dutch. Their style is somewhat to be described as "punkass(wannabe???)gangstaelectrobasslinerap. Their lyrics are filthy, their beats are PHAT! And they have one helluva misplaced attitude! We love it!

And last, a nice electro house track you will certainly hear us play. Love how this seemingly innocent filtered house track morphs into a peaktime electro banger!

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