dinsdag 17 augustus 2010


It has been a long time since we've posted... I apologize sincerely!
to make amends I'd like to give you kids some fresh new tracks.
Thank the artists in return for their giveaways by buying one of their great tracks! We support them too of course!
A brand new Voodoo Chilli (Hervé) track. Fresh from twitter:
New Voodoo Chilli track

Support Hervé and his mate Sinden by buying "after dark" (even without the giveaway track I'd strongly recommend this one)
After Dark EP on Beatport

And the remix EP of "After Dark"
After Dark remix EP on Beatport

And a brandnew Hatiras Bootleg:
Around the block (Hatiras Bootie)

Support his most recent release here. check out the track "Spaced Out" it's a big one!
Spaced invader Bonus pack on Beatport

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