woensdag 22 juni 2011

In Dolby Digital - The un-official Stereo Sunday afterparty

So once a year we have this free festival called Stereo Sunday in Venlo city. You know we have our monthly parties 'Hookers of House' in Kafee de Splinter and now we decided to spice things up.
What started as the idea of an xxxl edition of 'Hookers' became this afterparty. We think it's the perfect way to make use of the situation.

Instead of 1 area we have now two! With 9 dj's divded over those two areas you can choose between the more average house music or the raw sound of electro and dubstep.

So if you feel like dancin' or you just want to freak out, then get your ass to that party of ours! It will kick-ass!

date: july 2nd
place: Kafee de Splinter - Venlo
time: 23.45 till 03.45 hrs
entrance: free!

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